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What is Privilege Car Club – an introduction

Privilege Car Club

We’d like to introduce you to the driving revolution known as Privilege Car Club

Privilege Car Club -

Who wouldn’t want to drive a brand new car of their choice for only £50 a month? Too good to be true, do I hear you say? Sit back, listen and hear how PCC has already done it. We’ll show you how.

So who are we? The brain child of CEO Andy Wall, PCC was birthed in August 2017. Since then the membership has grown with a relatively small group of people who could see & believe in the vision. We want to build a strong foundation before it is promoted publicly. You won’t find this presentation on any social media site. The only way to receive this is through private invitation from a member

Motoring is one of the biggest costs a family encounters in life, after a property. Let’s face it, most of us love cars!  And many of us can’t afford to drive the car we would like to because of costs. That challenge has been met by PCC

Every two years qualifying members can replace their car with a brand new car of their choice meaning you never need to drive an old car again!

Referring other people to the club builds a pool of people each supporting the other to get a car. This is monitored with our vertical tracking system

A crowd funding concept, using the power of people, each doing a little, working together to achieve a common goal

The most successful, innovative concepts of the 21st century have become successful by disrupting the status quo – the normal way of doing things. We have all heard of Airbnb and Amazon, both example of changing the way things are done

PCC are ushering in the next generation of car drivers

So how can I drive a brand new car for £50 a month?

After joining the club, I tell my friends. This is something we all do naturally. When we find a good thing – a bargain – we want to share it with someone. These may be the first people in your ‘pool’ or they may not – with the PCC structure there is ‘spillover’ from those in the club before you. The key thing is that there are 3 referrals tracking legs & you need to have at least on personally introduced member in each leg

Everyone does the same

It is organic growth. There is unlikely to ever be 3 complete ‘legs’  - eg 3,9,27,54 because people are people and we all move at different paces. But that’s OK

The more people you share this with then personally introduce the faster you will get your car. Of course since you can only have 3 legs every person over 3 you introduce will go in someone else’s leg to count towards their car as well as yours – this way everyone works to help everyone else.

Once each of the 3 legs has at least 20 members and the total members in your pool is at least 81 & you have been a qualified member for at least 3 full months


You have qualified for the first level car – up to £20k less the cost of insurance, Tax & Maintenance

For example, this Vauxhall costs £17,000
If you lease it from Vauxhall you would pay an up front deposit of £1300 then an astonishing monthly payment of £432. This has limited mileage, and you still have to pay for tax and insurance on top!

With PCC you can drive this – or any other car of your choice – for only £50 a month, including insurance & warranties!

If you would prefer a car worth £30k (less insurance, tax etc) you need 125 members in your pool. This is achieved really quickly once you have 81 as by now there is exponential growth

How about a Mercedes C Class Saloon for £28,000?

You can pay £5200 up front the three years of monthly payments of £399

Wouldn’t you prefer to drive it for only £50 a month then replace it with a newer model after only two years and STILL only pay £50 a month!

Any car, and colour, any model. PCC don’t decide what you drive, you do! At your qualifying level you have total choice.

Privilege Car Club

There are so many more benefits to being a member of PCC than just driving a brand new car! One of the things that prevents people from qualifying for a brand new car normally is their lack of credit. Great news! PCC has no credit checking. Every car is purchased cash by the company and is owned by PCC so there is no need for credit. Members in good standing will pay their £50 a month to qualify & continue qualifying for the next car in two years time!

Most leasing company have a low mileage allowance. PCC starts at 15k miles. Most people pay more than £50 a month just for their insurance – that’s included!  Just a few of the benefits of being a member of this unique club

So we know it costs £50 a month to drive a new car, so what’s the catch? Membership is £149 a year so your first payment on sign up is £199 followed by £50 a month as long as you are a member. What about if I want to drive a bigger car?  Still £50 a month!  Work it out!

Different people will move at different paces. Some members will qualify for their cars in the minimum required 3 month period other will take 12 months. So let’s assume someone is slower, takes 12 months to qualify, that’s the grand totally of £749 – most people pay more a year for insurance than this! You will never pay more than £50 a month no matter which level of car you drive with PCC

Some people have set their sights on more expensive cars – its all a matter of numbers – but just imagine how easy it will be to tell your friends about the club when you are driving your new car!

Once you have qualified for the initial car of your choice you are able to reenter your own matrix & build a new team of 3 legs. This helps the people in the matrix who haven’t yet attained their cars and enables you to qualify for a higher level

Once you are driving a PCC car and start to build again you become an Ambassador of PCC

Once you new ‘pool’ has 81 members, just as you did initially, you can, at the end of the two year contract, replace your car with one valued up to £20k more – or you could decide to stay with a car of the same value as the first car and receive an ‘Ambassador Bonus’ of £1,000 a month income

Once you have built your Ambassador pool you can start a further new pool and become a President

The concept of re-entry allows the matrix to be built with strength with the strong helping the weaker areas, ensuring that everyone gets the car of their choice

So, once again, why join PCC? You can drive the car of your choice for 2 years for £50 a month; after two years your car is replaced by another brand new car. Your part? Pay your membership and tell people!

The sooner you start the sooner you drive away in a brand new car! What’s stopping you? Contact the person who sent you this presentation to get your questions answered and to join the revolution!

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No, it’s an asset of Privilege Car Club Ltd (PCC) so it will be registered with them.

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