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Privilege Car Club Launch 1st April 2018

Potential members, new members, Founding Members all showed up for the 3 car giveaway to 3 qualified members. Privilege Car Club has its rewards. £50/$75 a month, no credit check, tags, taxes and insurance included. A little work and you can be sitting behind the wheel of a brand spanking’ new car of your choice.

privilege car club launch

Below are the 3, the first 3 cars that were presented to the first qualifying members.

pcc just the beginning



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Random Privilege Car Club FAQs

We set an annual mileage of 15,000 as a guide, which is more than generous. When a person qualifies we will ask them to confirm what their annual mileage is as it will affect the cost of insurance. However, we do not charge excess mileage fees. But as a member of the club, we expect members to look after the cars in their possession.

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