Privilege Car Club Dealing with the BUT’S

We have all the legal and regulatory stuff covered

We have only a matter of hours to go before the official launch of Privilege Car Club (PCC)

It is happening!
More to the point is has been happening and the launch is just a great way to showcase the first 3 cars being handed over to 3 of the first to qualify.
That said there are already others that have qualified both in the UK and USA.

It works, its legal, its new and different.

We are getting so many people just waiting on the launch to see it is real.

Those people are smart and wise.

We are still getting a number of individuals who say “I have looking into this and researched it”
“Its a scam, it a ponzi, its a pyramid”
“It is not sustainable”

Guess what – they have not done any research and most certainly do not understand the concept.

Watch the video below and this should explain just what it is all about and why those people who speak without knowledge or understanding should educate themselves before speaking!

PLEASE NOTE there is a slight break in the video part way through as a wrong button was pressed 🙂

Join Privilege Car Club

Here is your personal invite to Privilege Car Club

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Random Privilege Car Club FAQs

Not at this moment in time, but we will consider it in the near future.

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